John Gaspard


Sleight of hand, illusion, and murder. John Gaspard, author of the Eli Marks Mysteries, joins me to chat about card tricks, the world of the working magician, and the newest book in the Eli Marks series, The Zombie Ball.

As a special treat for podcast listeners, John’s giving away a copy of an Eli Marks short story, “The Invisible Assistant.”

Here’s the link to the eBook version:

If you prefer an audiobook version of the story, here’s the link:

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Read John’s other series, The Como Lake Players Mysteries, written under the pen name Bobbie Raymond. The first book in the series is Acting Can Be Murder.  You can find the book here:

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If you’re in the Minneapolis, MN area, go see a magic show  Feel like you’re inside an Eli Marks mystery. Minus the dead body. Probably.

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